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Petchey Welcome

OR Consulting Engineers acted as the environmental designer and acoustic consultants for the Petchey Welcome development.

Petchey Welcome comprises of a new double storey atrium constructed in front of the academy’s original entrance. The new atrium acts as a new reception and gallery space.

The project has sought to:

  • Naturally ventilate and passively cool the space.
  • Integrate the fire engineering strategy for the space with the wider strategy for the academy building.
  • Optimise the north lighting of the gallery space.
  • Make the space’s heat load carbon neutral.
  • Design a low energy lighting scheme to accommodate both in its entrance and gallery functions.
  • Optimise the space’s room acoustics.
  • Refurbish adjacent administration and community meeting spaces.


In addition, the project included the re-configuration of the school’s central administration facilities.

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