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Science Museum Lecture Theatre

OR Consulting acted as the building services consultants, lighting designers, acousticians and AVIT consultants for the integrated refurbishment of the Main Lecture Theatre at the Science Museum.

The Lecture Theatre was refurbished to act as a multi-use auditorium for science demonstrations, lectures, recitals, films and corporate events.

The existing air conditioning system was retained and optimised using displacement ventilation techniques to accommodate a 20% increase in occupancy and reduce its energy  consumption.  Whilst the electrical works to the space integrate the lighting and audio visual systems.

The low energy lighting design combines DMX controlled theatrical lighting with an innovative LED “architectural” lighting scheme to transform the space in different modes of operation and reduce lighting energy loads by over 50%.

The Audio Visual design seeks to transform the visitor experience and facilitate the usage of the space for multi-media broadcasting.

Selected Selected Lighting Design Projects