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AO Arena VIP Suites and Entrance

OR Consulting is employed by ASM Global to act as acoustic engineers and lighting designers for the £50m phased redevelopment of Manchester’s AO Arena.

The development will be completed in three phases. The first phase, recently completed includes:

  • The acoustic design of a ground breaking hospitality area accommodating 6,000 occupants and open to the Arena.
  • The acoustic modelling of the new concourse (open to the Arena Bowl) to prevent it detrimentally effecting the acoustic conditions within the Arena Bowl.
  • The refurbishment of the concourse to create a new bar and food outlets.
  • The acoustic design of new VIP premium boxes with own private bar, food service and views of the stage.
  • The assessment of the external noise impact of a new high-volume entrance to the Arena.
  • The design of adaptable specialist lighting to serve VIP areas facilitates adaptable usage during event and non-event periods.
  • The development of the lighting design and lighting control scenes to prevent the Concourse lighting detrimentally impacting on the Arena.